Real Dew – Hair Shampoo (Korean Camellia Oil) | 500ml

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Real Dew – Hair Shampoo (Korean Camellia Oil) | 500ml

  • 100% Korean natural pure Camellia Oil
  • Manufacturer : LNK NATURE Co., Ltd (made in Korea)
  • How to use : Take an appropriate amount, massage all over the scalp and hair and rub it.
  • All components ㅣ Purified water, Tea-Cocoyl glutamate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, PEG-150 Pentaerythritol tetrastearate, Camellia oil (100,000 ppm, South Korea), glycerin, betaine, climbazole, polyquaternium-7, polyquaternium-10, allantoin, disodium edetate, Salicylic acid, citric acid, phenoxyethanol, fragrance
  • Features: It is available for infants to adults.
  • Excellent prevention and improvement of hair dermatosis.
  • No chemical additives.




Korean Camellia oil, which has a high fatty acid content,
Protects hair from external stimuli after shampooing hair, smoothes hair
It is a low irritation clinic shampoo which is gently cleaned.
It also prevents the dryness of the skin in the shower and makes it smooth.

“Yeosu city, the center of international marine tourism” Joint venture!
Hanryosu-do Namdo in South Korea, coast natural camellia oil



We introduce the hair product which we developed directly in the Caesars Caesars.

“If you have damaged hair due to frequent dyeing or fertilization, I would recommend it.”
“Do not rinse”
“This is all you need!”
“Shiny camellia” It is called shampoo!

Expensive oil is the main raw material in Yeosu, famous for its camellia.


<History of Camellia>
As for the origin of the name of camellia, monologue is called “winter 柏”
It is also called “sea 紅花” because it is a red flower blooming on the beach.

The history of Camellia was long loved, and in the poetry of Lee Tae – baek, it records about the harmonization of Silla, suggesting that Camellia has been used for a long time. The oil of the camellia tree is famous for camellia oil, which has been carefully touched by a Korean woman’s hair.

It is said that the thrill of the longevity of Annak, a tourist who went to pavilion from Cambodia to the Tuman River in the mountain,

In Jejudo, it is known as a tree that does not plant in the house when the camellia is planted in the house, and when the flower falls, the petal does not fall because it is a flower, but when the flower is fallen, It is said that such an ominous impression would distract them.

Camellia is distributed widely in the southern part of Korea, especially in coastal areas and islands. The camellia forest is designated as a natural monument. Several hundred years ago, the Camellia forest of Majiri, Seochun-myeon, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, has been designated as a natural monument. It has been said that it has become this camellia forest that has cultivated the flower.

In Yeo-dong, there is a legend of Dongbaek’s legend about the incision of a woman. A pair of couples from Guiyang in Odo-kyo made a living with fishing, but one day a husband was caught fishing and a thief came in and tried to rob his wife. My wife committed suicide in the sea and kept her innocence. After returning from fishing, the husband rescued his wife ‘s body and buried it on the top of the mountain. Soon afterwards, as if symbolizing the incision at the grave, Sinai (bamboo species) and camellia began to grow. Therefore, it is said that it is called aka feminine flower.

The camellia is solid and dense and has a high degree of utilization since ancient times. It has made an eelbit, a plate, a long side, a wooden bowl of lacquerware, etc. The oil of the seed is used for edible oil, kerosene.


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