Korea's No.1 Beauty Scissors

There are currently about 20 scissors manufacturing factories in Korea. Among them, “SASAKKI” is ranked 1st in sales and No. 1 in terms of technology.
SASAKKI beauty scissors production factory is the largest in Korea, has the best production facilities and 40 years of production know-how.

Beauty scissors are manufactured under conducive production environment, state of the art equipment and good products made through the hands of skilled technicians. It is the future of scissors in the present and tomorrow.

Perfect Design For Hairstylist

In the hands of the hairstylist, even more brilliant with ‘SASAKKI SCISSORS’
‘SASAKKI Beauty Scissors’ is a well-known luxury brand among many hairstylist

The handle of the scissors is the closest to the user and has the perfect combination of comfort, functionality and aesthetic elements.

SASAKKI scissors relieves the hair stylist’s wrist from injury through ergonomic design. It is a professional’s scissor that allows you to get the most out of your technique in a more comfortable position.

Made in South Korea | Since 1977

Non OEM production
All the processes are done inhouse at the SASAKKI Scissors Factory in Korea.

Specialist in hairdressing scissors production 
Established in 1977 until now, the second generation of artisans are very proud of the management of the company and the experts who have loyally work together over the years.

Top Class Scissors in the World

Sasakki scissors are made for professional hair designers.
The basic scissors are of high quality and we also produce even better premium scissors.

The non-pin and special bearing type fixing method will help to elevate and express your hair styling and cutting skill.

We also developed the world’s best scissors using the finest Damascus materials from Sweden (138 layer). This product is much stronger than the existing 36 layer Damascus material from Japan and has a strength similar to that of V10 stainless steel.

Excellent Durability

Our scissors are made to last for more than 10 years.

The blades are made of quality material that does not damage the hair and cuticle after cutting and thinning.

Even if you accidentally drop the scissors, the strength of the base material is so strong that there will be less damage. This makes it easy to restore and repair the scissors to perfection.

Therein lies the technical power and excellence of SASAKKI.

Excellent Cutting Ability with Minimal Power

Handle with Less Force | Excellent Cutting Ability
Sasakki scissors are user friendly.
Less handling power helps protect and relieve the user’s wrist.

Ever tried to drive a truck? Or experienced bumpy rides in a bus? After that, ride a luxury car, the difference is obvious and clearly felt. Those uncomfortable rides and drives are like the cheap and poor quality scissors used for training.

Drive in style and ride in comfort, that is the feeling of using SASAKKI scissors.

Now is the time to feel the difference.

1 Year Warranty & Malaysia A/S Center

SASAKKI is responsible for all after sales servicing in Malaysia A/S Center.

Offsite servicing by experienced technicians using professional equipment to repair and sharpen scissors like brand new.

Tired of buying new scissors every year?
Now all you need are Sasakki scissors for long term financial savings. Invest in Sasakki scissors with one year warranty and after sales servicing.

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